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Can Clemens actually make a difference?

In the seventh inning of the Yankees game yesterday, Roger Clemens announced that he was glad to be home and that he would be in Yankees pinstripes once again. The Yankees proclaimed yesterday that they are in definite need of help and they would pay any price to obtain it. The pro-rated amount of the contract will likely be in the neighborhood of $18 million, but will provide the Yankees a little stability in the rotation and quite possibly a veteran leader in the clubhouse. Clemens will be grossly overpaid for getting in about 23-24 starts and will probably end up gpoing around 5-6 good innnings every start which will tax the bullpen. Clemens is a stopgap for the Yankees and a hole in the dike for the moment. This allows them to revive some sense of playoff hopes and it allows them to gain a 45 year old that may help with the young players in the dugout. With the Yankees paying the luxury tax on his salary, this will actually cost them about $25 million, but could provide dividends on the back end as they inch nearer to the Red Sox. The fear for the Yankees has materialized because Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, and Dice-K are all pitching well and the Sox are starting to run away form the division. The hope is that Clemens will provide some temporary relief from the pain of losing and then hopefully become a dependable starter in the playoffs should they get there. The Yankees showed once again that they will not stop short of obtaining a path to the playoffs, but the excitement in New York will probably be just that–temporary.



2 thoughts on “Can Clemens actually make a difference?

  1. NO.

    But WWE-MLB marketed steroid baseball needs more meaningless records and silly themes.


    Posted by winstolv | May 7, 2007, 10:05 am
  2. I think he can make a difference. He certainly can’t turn the Yankees around by himself, but if Rivera and another starting pitcher or two can get going, they stand a chance to make the playoffs. I don’t really care if the Yankees make the playoffs, but I love seeing Roger dominate so I hope he does well.

    Posted by few4th | May 7, 2007, 12:51 pm

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